GloRilla and La Chat have paid their final respects to Gangsta Boo this weekend alongside several members of the Memphis Hip Hop community.

In a new Instagram post, La Chat shared photos and video from the first memorial service held in Boo’s honor on Friday (January 13). Despite the solemn occasion, the clip sees past collaborators including Drumma Boy and Killer Mike find a few light moments as they cherised each other’s company.

At one point GloRilla can be seen beaming as she embraces La Chat who, with Gangsta Boo, arguably paved the way for the Memphis newcomer’s current run in Hip Hop.

La Chat soundtracked the compilation video with Boo’s 2001 single “Love Don’t Live (U Abandoned Me).”


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La Chat and Gangsta Boo had a friendship that predated their time as the only two female members of Three 6 Mafia, which was highlighted in the caption to the post.

“TheySay A Gangsta aint pose to Cry Well im shedding Tears an im Gangsta Until I Die!!!!!,” La Chat wrote. “Been A long 2weeks I thank Yall 4 allowing me to share memories of My Sister She #ProperlyAtPeace now &I gotta pay these Bills I’ll return to my timeline!!But We will 4va Carry Lola Name not just me:The Whole #36mafia,#Hcp Family We love Her!!She was VerySpecial.

“Til we meet Again [fingers crossed emoji] From 1992-2022(WholeLifeTime),” she concluded.

Both Chat and GloRilla had previously expressed their sorrow in the days following Gangsta Boo’s surprising death on January 1.

The “Baby Mama” rapper, who released a joint album with Gangsta Boo in 2014 titled Witchhas paid tribute to her friend and collaborator in various heartfelt messages and posts on social media in the days since her death. In her most recent, she opened up about the pain she’s feeling since losing her “strong” and “independent” friend.

“I been wit Boo all my WholeLife. She was a STRONG INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN, Dat didn’t take no shit lol. y’all couldn’t imagine All the things We have done, All the convos We Have Had ErrDay, Literally ALL the time We have Spent, All The Money We Have Made 2Gether, We both was our Mothers Only Daughters.

“We was raised with nun but men & was Blessed 2 Rap with THE BEST GROUP EVER WHICH WAS ALL MEN WHICH MADE US SISTERS!!! Crazy Part I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS SAW DIS COMIN, I know We all Gotta Go, But for some reason Her leaving Was never A thought 4 me.”

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Glo made her own emotional tribute post on IG, sharing screenshots of text conversations she shared with Gangsta Boo. Included was one in which the Memphis pioneer recognized the “F.N.F.” rapper as the first woman to follow the path she and La Chat had blazed.

“I normally don’t post screenshots but the fact that she reached out to me before anybody else had a clue who I was she always supported me & the girls way back before we blew up A REAL LEGEND there will never be another Gangsta Boo,” Glo wrote.

The messages dated back to mid-2021 and include compliments from GB saying, “U smashing Glo. Fr. As a pioneer of Memphis female rap, I love to see this. No1 came since me and Chat. Go off Mane! Xo”

Just weeks ahead of Gangsta Boo’s death, the two had collaborated on “F.T.C.U.,” Glorilla’s latest single with Latto.

According to Fox 13 Memphis, Gangsta Boo (real name Lola Mitchell) was found dead around 4:00 p.m. local time on New Year’s Day in her hometown of Memphis.

The station later reported that the Memphis Police Department officers received a “person-down call” just before 2:20 p.m. on the date in question, and arrived at a home in the Whitehaven neighborhood to find Gangsta Boo had died.

A cause of death has yet to be confirmed, though authorities stated that there was no sign of foul play. Gangsta Boo was 43 years old.