A Gernan politician has tapped into the growing popularity of ChatGPT, using the artificial intelligence chatbot to help him write a diss track aimed at Hungary’s prime minister.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban found himself the subject of a diss on Monday (March 22), when European Parliament member Daniel Freund used the app to elaborate on his continued criticisms of Orban’s alleged corrupt leadership.

He’s been stacking the courts, packing the press/ Making sure his critics are silenced, no less,” the diss reads. “Using public funds to line his own pockets/ It’s time to call him out, let’s unlock it!”

It continued: “From football clubs to luxury castles/ Orban’s empire is built on scams and hustles/ It’s time to clean up, it’s time to fight/ We won’t back down until Orban’s out of sight!”

“I was quite impressed how it put widely known accusations against the Orban government into a rap text,” Freund told AFP news agency on Tuesday (March 23).

Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs was quick to respond, using ChatGPT for his own response later that day. However, it didn’t work out quite as well for him.

“Pardon my French, but ChatGPT is nothing more than a bullshit generator,” he tweeted along with the song it generated. “Nothing proves this better than the song it gave us about @daniel_freund. Sure, he is a true “fighter for democracy.”

Check out Kovacs’ response below:

Artificial intelligence technology also has the capability to imitate voices – and Young Guru has some major concerns over it.

After a fake Kendrick Lamar song surfaced online, the legendary engineer shared a video on Instagram that showed how it was done. The man in the video briefly displayed how the filter changed his voice to sound exactly like K. Dot and proceeded to record an actual song that sounded like something the rapper would make.

2Pac & Biggie Fans Can Now Text Message Late Rappers Using AI App

2Pac & Biggie Fans Can Now Text Message Late Rappers Using AI App

According to Gu, A.I. voice technology poses a whole host of problems, especially if it gets into the wrong hands. In his caption, the Roc-A-Fella affiliate urged the powers that be to act fast and implement laws that would protect people from the possible dangers of such technology.

“This has dominated my Howard group chat for a couple days. Ok I’m at the point where I can voice my concerns with our current state of AI,” Young Guru began. “I have followed as many versions of what AI could do for some years now.

“I remember being at MIT and students showing me a project where they were actively feeding a computer ‘All’ the jazz records that ever existed. So that AI could analyze and create music in any style of any musician.”

He continued: “I didn’t think we would get here this fast with the voice. Of course my mind goes to the ethical and legal aspects of what can be done with programs like Tacotron 2. You add that to the power of ChatGPT and you realize we are in a very groundbreaking but dangerous moment. It’s not the tech, it’s the evil that men do with the tech.”

Guru went on to explain that currently people can’t copyright a voice, which creates a dilemma with voice-altering technology as anyone can sound like someone else and effectively put words in their mouth.