Finesse2Tymes has clowned his haters for thinking he was actually in any legal trouble after his stolen rental car case was dismissed.

The Memphis rapper (real name Ricky Hampton) was briefly wanted by Houston Police earlier this week after an associate of the rapper named Ronald Bell rented and allegedly never returned an Infiniti QX80 SUV valued at $72,200 back in February.



On Thursday (July 20), the “Back End” rapper took to his Instagram Stories to confirm with his fans that the case had indeed been “dismissed,” and then posted a screenshot of a local news article covering the story.

“Why me tho?” he wrote. “They done tried everything to keep my name in the dirt, then yaw be prayin’ it’s true. Smh.”

In a follow-up video posted to Instagram by J. Prince Jr., the record executive shared his thoughts on the whole debacle alongside Finesse, who was seen laughing off the fact that he had a case dismissed in “less than 8 hours.”

“Who the fuck get a warrant and have the case dismissed in less than 12 hours?” Prince said, before pointing the camera at Finesse2Tymes. “Him. Him! Who get a warrant to get the case dismissed in eight hours man?”

“This bitch is gone!” Finesse exclaimed.

The car was supposed to be returned on March 10, 2023, but Bell reportedly never dropped off the vehicle. A 10-day demand letter was sent to him by Enterprise, and on April 20, Bell spoke with an Enterprise employee and told him Finesse2Tymes was currently in possession of the vehicle.

Bell then reportedly called the rapper on a three-way call with the employee that day, and Finesse claimed to be in Atlanta with the car and that he’d drop it off on April 23.

He added that his Zelle was “tied up” and that he’d need a few days to get the money together for the vehicle, but the employee said they needed the SUV returned immediately.

Finesse2Tymes Wanted By Police For Allegedly Stealing Rental Car
Finesse2Tymes Wanted By Police For Allegedly Stealing Rental Car

The car was listed as stolen after it was not returned by April 24. Investigators then ran the plates of the vehicle and learned the car was in the Houston area heading to a local music studio multiple times near the Fifth Ward.

When police pulled the car over on April 25, a young woman was driving it, who said that her boss Finesse2Tymes had given her the keys. She said she had been hired a few days prior to run some errands for the 90 Days rapper.



The 2023 XXL Freshman is currently gearing up to hit the road with Moneybagg Yo as part of his Larger Than Life Tour, which kicks off on August 3 in Orlando, Florida.

Luh Tyler will also be joining the Memphis rappers on the 23-date trek, which will also make stops in major cities including Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.