Drake has finally learned the fate of his “psychotic” Super Bowl LVII bets”, and although he lost most of his tickets, one of them paid out for him.

On Sunday night (February 12), Drizzy won a cashout prize of over $1million after the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles in a thrilling Super Bowl LVII matchup. The 6 God put $700,000 on the Chiefs to win it all, resulting in an estimated payout of $1.4 million.

It was a bet that Drake needed to hit, as six of his other tickets didn’t cash out. He put money on Patrick Mahomes and JuJu Smith-Schuster to score the Chiefs’ first touchdown on two separate tickets that didn’t hit. He also bet the Chiefs would win each half, but that was a loss.

He also put money on the Chiefs to win each quarter and for Travis Kelce and a tight end to win the Super Bowl MVP; however, neither of those three bets happened. In total, Drake lost $265,000 on those bets, and if they all had hit, he would’ve pocketed over $4.5 million.

Winning over $1million is still a win, and it comes after Drake previously won $2.1million thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs in January when they defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship game to advance to the Super Bowl.

Earlier that day, Drizzy lost an $850,000 bet on the San Francisco 49ers after they were beaten by the Philadelphia Eagles. A winning bet would have seen him net an additional $1.9million.

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The 36-year-old knows a thing or two about high-stakes gambling. Last October, he put together a parlay featuring the Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs that resulted in a $2million win.

Earlier in 2022, Drake walked away with $25million from virtual roulette, winning $12.96million and $11.95million on individual bets while giving away $1million to lucky viewers on a Twitch livestream.

The Toronto hitmaker doesn’t only bet on sporting events, which he made clear during a hilarious interview with Barstool Sports’ Caleb Pressley for the latest episode of Sundae Conversation. Pressley asked Drizzy what he thinks the best thing to put his chips on is, and he explained how fatherhood is the way to go.

“Fatherhood,” Drake replied. “I just mean, in an encouraging way, like, ‘You can always bet on fatherhood. For all the people out there, you can always bet on fatherhood.”