Doja Cat has been open about recently going under the knife, but she’s not here for a detractor’s hot take that she is “encouraging” plastic surgery.

The topic came up as the Planet Her rapper was chatting with fans on Twitter on Sunday (March 26) amid her recovery from a breast augmentation and lipo. After telling a fan, “They’re swollen,” in response to a request to see her new work, a Twitter user at the handle @Selenallah accused her of “encouraging your young and impressionable fans to change their bodies.”

And ever the social media troll, Doja had quite a Doja-esque response.

“Eat my long quiet and warm farts,” she retorted.

The exchange arrives just under a week after Doja revealed she’d gotten the procedures done and that she was “healing fast.”

“got my titties done and my clit bedazzled,” she joked on Twitter, before replying to a fan: “4 days into recovery rn. feels ok. i got lipo so my thighs hurt a lot if i move too much. but im healing really fast.”

Doja Cat Not A Fan Of ‘Disrespectful’ Britney Spears Shaved Head Comparisons

Doja Cat Not A Fan Of ‘Disrespectful’ Britney Spears Shaved Head Comparisons

Replying to other fans, she stated her breasts were now smaller and revealed her new bra size was 32C.

Doja Cat originally revealed plans for cosmetic surgery on her breasts in November.

“I’m literally about to get surgery this winter lmao,” she wrote at the time. “I just want my titties pulled up cuz some of my tops don’t fit the way i want them to.”

When a fan said they’d no longer support her music if she got surgery, she replied: “I don’t give a fuck.”

Speaking to Dazed earlier that month, Doja Cat explained that her “hectic touring schedule” got in the way of cosmetic surgery.

In other news, the Los Angeles native has confirmed her fourth studio album is on the way and even revealed its title in a tweet.

“DC4 has a title now,” she wrote on Twitter on Tuesday (March 23). Though she’s since deleted that tweet, the post revealing its title to be Hellmouth remains up on her page. She didn’t give fans a date, however, but she did clarify that it’s not a “rock/alt” album nor is it a pop/punk album.