Doja Cat has asked fans for feedback as she confirms a deluxe edition of her album Scarlet, which she previously hinted at on social media.

Speaking on Instagram Live over the weekend, Doja teased previewed a new track and told fans that their reaction would determine whether or not the song made the cut.



“I may play a song that’s not out yet that I am releasing,” she said during the livestream. “And if you guys don’t like it, I won’t put it on the deluxe. And if I don’t put it on the deluxe that will be fine but I need an opinion. I need an opinion from you.”

Though Scarlet was released in September, Doja has been teasing bonus music from the project for a while.

She recently shared a tracklist of unreleased songs on Instagram including “Acknowledge Me”, “Head High”, “Gang,” “Masc”, “Rider”, Urrrge”, and “Hungry”.

Doja previously admitted that there were aspects of Scarlet she was not initially a fan of including number one hit single “Paint the Town Red”.

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Speaking to Ebro Darden after the album’s release, she admitted releasing the song was “strategic”.

“I thought ‘Paint The Town Red’ reminded me of like, Target or like Macy’s. It reminded me of like, GAP,” she admitted with a laugh. “I don’t why. It just kind of is that. And I know it starts with a curse word and it’s like a little bit edgy in that sense and I say, ‘I’m a demon, Lord!’ Like yeah, I get that, but that song just had a very pants-up-high vibe. And you know I think strategically because I can be strategic.”



She continued: “I think it was a good addition to the album and a strong addition to the album. I know that it’s a strong song. And I did [expect it to be as popular as it is] and I was kind of running that from a little bit. I didn’t really want to have that pants-up-high song, the goofy, kind of palatable…”

The song also created a humorous moment as it heavily samples Dionne Warwick’s classic hit “Walk On By” but the legendary singer later admitted that she had no idea who Doja Cat was when interviewed on The Kelly Clarkson Show.