DJ Envy has revealed he recently lost $250,000 worth of jewelry at an airport, and he’s dealing with the aftermath given how sentimental the pieces were to him.

During the Tuesday morning (March 28) broadcast of The Breakfast Club, the Queens native recalled how he lost a bust down Rolex, ring and chains featuring the names of his wife and kids while traveling from Atlanta to New York over the weekend. According to Envy, he always has to take his jewelry off when going through the metal detector, so he usually puts them in his bag.

He said this had never been an issue before, but this time the bag he put his jewelry in had to be checked. Envy said he took the jewelry out of his checked bag to put in his book bag, and somehow he forgot to take it with him.

“I was traveling from Atlanta back to New York on Friday I had my roller, my backpack and I have my blazer, you know, because I was just shooting,” Envy said. “Now you all know, men, you can’t put your blazer in your luggage because it’s going to be all folded. Usually, I’m a Delta Million Miler, I’m Diamond, they don’t give me a problem. They just hang my jacket up for me.”

He continued: “This white woman was not trying to hear it. She was nasty. I don’t know if she had a bad day, but she told me I couldn’t do it. So I said, okay, I had to check my bag. When I went to check my bag, I remember my jewelry was in there. I was like, you know, let me take it out and put it in my backpack. When I went on a plane, I left the jewelry.”

Listen to DJ Envy recall the incident below:

Envy said he’s been trying to get in contact with Delta to get video footage or assistance in getting his jewelry back, but they haven’t been helpful. Charlamagne Tha God asked Envy if he had insurance on the jewelry, which he did, but the point is that the jewelry was made to represent his family.

Several fans called in to share their stories of how they’ve lost items of sentimental value at an airport, but there was one in particular who let Envy know he has rich people problems because the average person doesn’t leave behind anything that expensive.

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“First of all this topic is dumb because you really don’t even want to know what we really lost because this is rich people stuff,” the fan said. “Okay, so you’re gonna pick this platform and use it to hope that she’s listening because you want her to bring it back to you, but Envy, nobody leaves Cartier at the airport. You want to know why? Because nobody who works a nine-to-five goes to the airport wearing a Cartier. Nobody does that. Why would you do that?”

Envy replied: “If I did it on purpose I would feel a lot easier but I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s sentimental!”

The fan claimed the reason Envy lost the jewelry was because he doesn’t remember how it feels to be broke; he’s too busy living a bougie lifestyle. Charlamagne gave Envy some hope and claimed he should be able to get the chains back, but the bust-down ring and watch are gone.

While Charlamagne didn’t give DJ Envy “Donkey of the Day” for his jewelry blunder, he did give him it recently for flubbing his words while discussing Angela Yee’s comments about The Breakfast Club.