DJ Envy put Irv Gotti and Murda Inc. on blast for a record he co-produced for the UMG label years ago and was never paid on the back end.

Envy made the revelation when guest host Jess Hilarious was detailing her situation regarding Master P owing her cash for her appearance in one of his movies titled I Got the Hook-up 2.



“Irv Gotti did it to me. I’m not gonna sit here and lie. He definitely owe me $10,000. Definitely owe me $10,000,” he said.

“I remember me and [DJ] Mono produced a record for Murda Inc. back in the day and I got my front end and I never got a back end. They were like, ‘Keep it moving.’ So I kept it moving.”

Envy didn’t specify which record it was, but he relayed to TMZ that after Gotti stiffed him on the payment, he ended up splitting the front-end payment with Mono.

The Breakfast Club co-host also ruffled some feathers on Friday morning (February 24) when he called on Drake to release an album where he’s purely rapping.

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“I think Drake needs that one album, that one Hip Hop, rap album,” he said. “That’s just me, I’m a Drake fan and I want that one Hip Hop, rap album like when we hear this freestyles and he’s going in, I need an album like that.”

Charlamagne Tha God questioned how someone like Envy could demand another rap-centric album out of Drake to prove something after the plethora of music he’s released recently as well as in his decorated catalog as a whole.



“I drove to the station listening to Drake and he’s going off — going crazy and I want to hear a full album like that. I think that it would stop some of the doubters all the time. I’m a Hov fan, I’m a lyricist fan and I like when he spit,” Envy continued.