In commemoration of Chris Brown‘s European tour coming to an end, the singer has shared a re-imagined cover of his idol Michael Jackson‘s 1991 album, Dangerous.

Taking to Instagram on Monday (March 27), Breezy posted a remixed version of the album art that instead featured the name of his tour, Under The Influence.

“WE ONLY GOT TIME TO LOVE,” Chris captioned the post before tagging the UK-based artist who created it, @varelarts_.

Check out the artwork below.

Breezy’s trek overseas made headlines over the weekend after a fan’s boyfriend apparently broke up with her for getting a lap dance from the singer at a show.

In a TikTok video posted by @dashthelith — which has so far garnered over 23 million views — Brown dances passionately on top of the woman to his 2007 hit “Take You Down.”

The man also revealed in the post’s caption that he had spent nearly $600 on front row tickets for him and his ex. “POV: Buying my girlfriend front row tickets to see Chris Brown … I want my £500 [$615 USD] and my girlfriend back,” he wrote in the now-deleted post.

Following the post, after being asked by other users for updates, the man confirmed that he split up with his girlfriend. However, he claimed that his ex “doesn’t think what she did was wrong.”

Chris Brown Gifts Fans ‘Leaked’ Michael Jackson-Sampled Song As Early Christmas Present

Chris Brown Gifts Fans ‘Leaked’ Michael Jackson-Sampled Song As Early Christmas Present

This isn’t the first time the singer’s lap dance has caused a stir, however. During another performance for another lucky female fan, he ended up tossing her phone as she filmed him dancing for her.

Footage of the incident showed a lucky fan on stage watching Breezy perform. The singer politely took the phone out of her hands before executing his trademark dance moves. However, the fan couldn’t help herself and picked her phone back up to capture the moment.

As he got closer to the woman, Brown grabbed her phone again — only this time launching it into the audience as the venue’s lights dimmed down. The woman looked confused, and it didn’t take long for people to talk about the situation on social media.

Even Chris Brown himself shared the footage on his Instagram Story with a caption that read: “FUCK DAT PHONE.”