Cassidy has a few expensive purchases in his career he wishes he could take back, but the one he regrets the most was buying a six-figure Bentley in cash.

The “I’m A Hustla” rapper sat down for an interview with BagFuel, where he reflected on a myriad of topics including his spending habits at the height of his career in the 2000s.

Looking back on his $275,000 Bentley purchase years later — with more financial savviness under his belt — Cassidy admitted he could’ve put that money to much better use.

“It’s a lot of big things that I bought I wish I wouldn’t have bought like a Bentley, like cash,” Cassidy admitted. “I just wanted to do that, go to the lot, just buy that shit instantly, not have no note, not pay for nothing. And I wanted it to be years ahead of the year it was, so I went and did it.

“I think after all taxes, the tints, the rims, it came out to like $275,000 or something. Then it was just a waste of money. I could’ve did a lot more stuff with that paper and rolled in the same car like that. The information I got, I could’ve rolled in that same car for even more years than I had that car.”

He continued: “Rolled in the same car, took a lot more money, flipped it and invested it. I could’ve turned that same money into more Bentleys and still drove in the same car. But you know, I just was uninformed, [thinking] I could just go grab [but] not really knowing.”

The Philly native isn’t the only rapper to feel like they wasted money on pricey items in their career. Earlier this year, T-Pain reflected on dropping $400,000 on his famous “Big Ass Chain,” which he revealed was the result of a dare.

“One of my biggest regrets, but I keep it around to remind myself,” Pain said on his Nappy Boy Radio podcast in January. “Actually, now [it’s worth] probably like $200,000 at the most. Just, price just went down — the price of gold and diamonds aren’t what they used to be.

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Cassidy Wants To Battle Eminem For 'Biggest Battle Rapper' Crown

“Somebody was on the side of the stage at one of my shows and they said, ‘I bet you won’t get a big ass chain that says ‘Big Ass Chain.” And I said, ‘You don’t know how much fucking money I got right now, so don’t fucking try me.’

He continued: “I don’t know the guy, didn’t get his number, never seen him again. And I went and spent money on this chain to prove to this stranger that I would do it.”

T-Pain purchased the chain from the famous Atlanta-based jeweler Icebox in 2009. According to Hatton-Jewellers, the hefty neckpiece weighs over 10 pounds and is made from yellow and white gold while boasting a robust 197 carats of diamonds.