Cardi B and her team have shot down rumors that she’s gearing up to launch a beauty line, after reports circulated this week that she was.

According to TMZ, Cardi is way off from releasing her own line of body products. Sources close to The Bronx, New York native told the outlet that reports of her releasing a beauty line named Kulture Wave, after her two children, is completely false as there’s no evidence to support the rumors.

Although there’s no line on the way, sources also claim Cardi will eventually drop one sometime in the near future. In 2021, Cardi B’s company, Washpoppin Inc., filed legal documents to secure the name “Bardi Beauty” with trademarks covering all sorts of beauty products, including cosmetics, fragrances, haircare, skincare and nails.

Over her seven-year career, Cardi has done collabs with brands such as Pepsi, Lyft, Steve Madden, Fashion Nova and Reebok. She hasn’t dropped anything under her own banner but it wouldn’t be a bad idea given how loyal the Bardi Gang is toward their fearless leader.

In March 2021, Cardi revealed during a conversation with Stationhead how she aspires to have a billion-dollar brand like her idols Rihanna and JAY-Z.

“When I came to the game and people used to be like, ‘Who do you look up to?’” she said. “I always used to say, ‘I don’t look up to nobody,’ because I didn’t really understand the game and I only feel like I got influenced by the people that was around me.”

Cardi continued: “But now that I’m at the level that I’m at, one of my biggest influences is Rihanna and JAY-Z. And I’m not just saying it to kiss ass or anything. I just feel like they’re so influential because Rihanna comes from a country, a Caribbean country, that my parents came from and she’s a whole billionaire and JAY-Z is from the hood and this man’s a whole billionaire. And that’s just all about strategy and that’s just all about shaking hands, that’s just all about putting plans together.”

Cardi B and her husband Offset recently joined forces with McDonald’s for a special date night-themed meal — which includes a Cheeseburger, side of BBQ sauce, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, large Fries, two large Drinks and an Apple Pie.

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Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Want To Star In Remake Of Halle Berry Movie ‘B.A.P.S.’

However, it was reported several franchise owners pushed back against the collaboration over claims Cardi and Offset’s lyrics and overall lifestyle didn’t represent the family-friendly values of the Golden Arches.

“Across our marketing, we’re focused on putting McDonald’s at the center of culture,” McDonald’s U.S. chief marketing officer Tariq Hassan told Insider. “Artist collabs have helped reignite fans’ love for our food and fueled significant business momentum, both for the company and our restaurant owner/operators.”

He continued: “Cardi and Offset are an iconic couple who have their own date-night tradition at McDonald’s that goes back years. We’re proud to share a little piece of that with customers across the U.S. with our latest campaign, which is about love and celebrating the special moments we all share over McDonald’s.”