Cam’ron, Ma$e and Jadakiss have unleashed the official music video for their first collaborative track titled “Gorilla Lion Hyena” — check it out below.

The video directed by Shula The Don was unleashed on Thursday (March 23) and has the New York rap trio returning to their stomping grounds in the Big Apple to get their rhymes off.

Killa Cam opens the clip rapping from an abandoned lobby while clips of him spitting alongside Kiss and Ma$e on a rooftop. The latter then picks up where Cam left off rhyming in the same lobby with scenes of people riding ATVs interspersed throughout the visual.

Still movin’ reckless, I’ll snatch you right out your Lexus/ I’m movin’ blocks like it’s Tetris, a hundred thousand by breakfast (Yeah)/ Prayin’ the Lord protect us, God bless us (God bless us)/ We make a profit, the coppers, they wanna stop it/ The DA, he tryna knock it, he passin’ the judge the dockets,” Cam raps.

Jadakiss then comes in with a fiery verse, spitting: “Yeah, don’t let these n-ggas get the best of you/ I need every penny so I’m bagging up the residue (Hmm)/ Tell ’em ‘No’ and they gonna get quiet and think less of you/ But I was rolling loud way before there was a festival/ Don’t overreact, that’s them broke n-ggas testing you (Yeah)/ They don’t even ask how many with us, they just let us through.

Ma$e closes out the track, which you can check out in full below.

The song was released last October, days after Cam’ron, Ma$e and Jadakiss’ 3 Headed Monster tour was canceled. The veteran trio was set to play six shows in New York, Pennsylvania and Florida and a number of other states.

No explanation was given for the cancelation, but Ma$e seemingly pointed the finger at Diddy amid his back-and-forth with his former label boss last year.

“It’s Time To Show People What Fearless Looks Like,” he wrote on Instagram while reacting to the axed shows. “‘No Matter What Happens, I’m Not Stopping Nothing That I’m Doing!’ So Y’all Can Cancel All of The Dates I will not apologize for what’s right! EITHER WAY I WILL BE PERFORMING SOMEWHERE!!!”

He added: “Also, to my #1 hater BTS make sure you pull up since your trying to stop everything I do BTS. We know what’s going on… but it’s not gonna work. Just setting me up for a bigger break! – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.”

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Despite the cancelation, the trio got to perform a special concert at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. One of the biggest moments of the show was Cam and Ma$e performing their classic hit “Horse & Carriage” for the first time nearly 25 years after the song was first released.

In a video shared to social media, an excited Jadakiss is heard announcing the “first time ever” performance before Cam’ron offers a caveat to the fans.

“I’ma keep it a hundred: I ain’t do this song in so long,” he said. “So I’ma just act like y’all know it and do a little bit of this [dance].” To which Ma$e added: “Yo, we never got to perform this song. We never got to perform this.”