Cam’ron has continued his barrage of basketball threats aimed at Mario Chalmers by insisting the former NBA player be drug tested before their one-on-one pickup game.

In an Instagram video posted by the Dipset rapper on Saturday (April 1), Cam responded to a video that Chalmers posted the day before regarding the impending basketball challenge.

“Aye Killa Cam, I see it all, I hear it all,” the former Miami Heat player began. “It ain’t sweet over here my boy. I don’t know what you thinkin’, I don’t care about that money, whatever I made last year, let’s run this up, let’s get the bag and I’ma show you why I am who I am, and why I been where I been. Holla at me.”

In Cam’s response, he questioned the whereabouts of Chalmers while poking fun at the two-time NBA champion and suggested that he could potentially be on narcotics.

“Where you been, where the fuck you been,” Cam said in a sarcastic tone. “Talkin’ ’bout where you been, where you at now n-gga! It’s dark and ya eyes are dilating. You on that Blue Magic bro, I know n-ggas on that ‘I stand by it, I guarantee it.’ That’s what you on, bro. And bigger than basketball, I’m concerned, man. I know life threw you a few curveballs, pause, but yo, you can’t start that shit bro.”

He continued: “And if we play you gotta take a drug test. I’m like Judge Mathis with that heroin, I know a heroin addict when I see one. Yo bro, I’m concerned and if we play you have to take a mandatory drug test before, during, and after the game. Call me man if you need help, besides basketball I’m concerned.”

The “Blue Magic” drug reference Cam’ron is referring to comes from the 2007 film American Gangster starring Denzel Washington as drug kingpin Frank Lucas.

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The war of basketball words between both men started when Cam’rom challenged the retired NBA star to a one-on-one basketball game on a recent episode of It Is What It Is. During the episode, Killa Cam and Ma$e debated Chalmers’ recent controversial comments about how he felt nobody in the NBA “feared” LeBron James amid his basketball dominance.

“I’ll tell you one thing, Mario, ain’t nobody scared to play against your ass,” Cam’ron said. “I’ll play you tonight, n-gga. Suit up, n-gga. I’ll play you tonight.”

Ma$e then asked Cam to put his money where his mouth is and the Dipset rapper said he’s willing to “put the house on it,” adding: “10-day workout, whatever you want to bet we can put the house on it. I need 10 days though. Absolutely… I could beat Chalmers.”

Cam’ron made a bit of a name for himself as a high school basketball player in New York City during the 1990s.

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Cam'ron Reacts To 'Wild' Anthony Davis Locker Room Video: 'Lake Show Gettin Too Freaky'

Cam and Ma$e chalked up Chalmers’ targeting of LeBron to the Kansas Jayhawk alum having a personal vendetta against the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

“Nobody fears Bron,” Chalmers shared on the Playmakers HQ podcast earlier this month. “Nobody’s like, ‘Damn, I gotta go play against Bron tonight.’ Nobody said that. I don’t know why, because I seen people be scared when they actually line up to him, but they’re not scared thinking about that matchup.”

James and Chalmers were Heat teammates for all four years of LeBron’s South Beach stint as the King led Miami to four straight NBA Finals appearances and back-to-back championships in 2012 and 2013.

Cam’ron and Ma$e’s sports podcast It Is What It Is premiers weekly on YouTube.