Cam’ron is apparently fielding a ton of offers to sign his Ma$e-assisted sports talk show It Is What It Is, and he’s getting close to announcing a new home for the show.

The Dipset rapper was a guest on Good Day New York on Friday (May 19), dressed to the nines as he discussed the success of the currently YouTube-based show that launched in February.

While he wouldn’t reveal who the new deal will be with, Killa alluded to something already being in the works.

It Is What It Is on YouTube,” Cam’ron said. “Soon getting ready to do a deal. We won’t say with who yet. I got a lot of people. I could have done a deal a month ago but I just want to weigh my options out. So we’ll figure it out.”

Back in March, Cam’ron laid out his groundrules for any network or platform potentially interested in purchasing It Is What It Is – noting how the show is fully-funded by himself and he’s enjoying the creative freedom.

“A lot of n-ggas hollerin’ at me to try and buy my show or make my show a part of what they’re doing. And listen, I appreciate the love, I appreciate the interest and everything else. This is fully funded by me. I didn’t go get no help. I ain’t got no partners. I ain’t got no bank,” he explained.

Cam'ron Flames NBA Star Jordan Poole Over Rumored $500K Ice Spice Date: 'You're A Munch'

Cam'ron Flames NBA Star Jordan Poole Over Rumored $500K Ice Spice Date: 'You're A Munch'

“They came and did all this shit and y’all gonna have to offer something I ain’t got. Now you don’t know what I got, but you could assume what I got. I’m not gon’ be unreasonable but you gotta be fair. But right now, with the time being, we gon’ have fun.”

It Is What It Is is currently available to stream for free on YouTube. It’s a sports debate show taking on the programming mold made popular by ESPN’s First Take or FOX Sport’s UNDISPUTED.

The Harlem native is a tough businessman and he isn’t just going to chase a bag and sell to the highest bidder. Cam recently revealed that he’s turned down lucrative six-figure offers up to $300,000 for his signature pink fur jacket.

“The people who offered it to me, I didn’t feel they deserved it,” Cam said. “It was more of a stat to them like, ‘I bought Cam’s jacket.’ It wasn’t really like they appreciated where that jacket came from.”