Houston, TX

Bun B is offering a four-figure reward for the safe return of his custom PURPLE Brand UGK poncho that went missing following his rodeo performance in Houston over the weekend.

The H-Town legend lost the poncho and he’s willing to give the person who returns it a $1,000 reward with no questions asked about how it disappeared in the first place.

“The @purple_brand poncho is gone! We can’t find it anywhere! I’m offering a 1k award for it. I don’t care who has it,” he pleaded in an Instagram post on Sunday (March 5).

“Just get it back to me and take the money. No questions asked. And we will know if it’s fake lol. Please contact @boneafied or @luke__purple for info. Help me Houston! #FindThePoncho.”

Many fans voiced their disgust with the fact someone would potentially steal from the Trill OG in Houston of all places.

“Wow! Who would steal from the OG smh, better not be someone from H-Town,” one person wrote, while another chimed in: “Poncho Trilla has set the reward and the garment shall be returned by sundown.”

Bun B Says Rappers Are 'Balling In Debt' With Major Labels: 'UGK Is Still $2M In The Red'

Bun B Says Rappers Are 'Balling In Debt' With Major Labels: 'UGK Is Still $2M In The Red'

Bun B hit the stage alongside Juvenile and Mannie Fresh in the custom UGK poncho and a matching cowboy hat on Friday night (March 3) as part of the Southern Takeover entertainment portion of the rodeo weekend in front of a sold-out NRG Center filled with 74,000 attendees.

The 49-year-old’s delicious Trill Burgers also had a pop-up station for fans to enjoy at RODEOHOUSTON. Juvenile even lent his stamp of approval to the burger in a hilarious taste test as he was loving the caramelized onions.

“They season the patties but the caramelize the onions. They put them bitches on but look, them onions are brown,” he said after a bite. “They caramelize the onions! I’m from New Orleans, that shit mean a lot.”

Luke Cosby, PURPLE co-founder and owner added in a statement: “Working alongside Bun is smooth and quick. This collaboration came about organically and made sense for a Houston native like myself and a legend like him. We’re bringing together food, fashion, design, music, culture and everything in between that makes people happy.”