Bubba Sparxxx had a huge hit on his hands with his 2005 single “Ms. New Booty” – but he’s admitted the song was really more of a money grab for him than anything else.

The Georgia native made the admission in an interview with VladTV published on Wednesday (February 1). While noting that his other works, like his sophomore effort Deliverance, were really true to who he was, Bubba explained how the Mr. Collipark-produced single was birthed out of a desire to get more club money.

“I would say ‘Ms. New Booty’ is the time that if I ever sold out, it would be then,” Bubba said. “And I don’t look at anything like that but that’s the time where I made the money grab. I said, ‘I gotta get some money right now.’ We did this whole banjos and fiddles and all this shit [on the prior album] and now I need to go get some money. I need to get back in those clubs.”

You can check out Bubba’s interview below:

Elsewhere in the conversation, Bubba elaborated on how he made a killing in the clubs with his first album Dark Days, Bright Nights and its lead single “Ugly,” but lost a lot of it on the second round with Deliverance.

“What had happened at that time is having had success I had with the first album, with “Ugly,” and that being a club record,” he said. “So being able to go to those clubs and getting that money performing and having a radio hit also – that kind of prevented me from building a touring brand because I’m just going to pick up the easy money, the quick money.

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“When you can get it at 25 a pop, you gon’ do that or you gon’ go on some long grueling tour and you take less money trying to build it?” he continued. “I wasn’t trying to hear it because you’re not thinking you’re ever not going to have a radio hit.”

Bubba added: “Then taking a gamble with the different sound with Deliverance and then it not performing the way that we’d hoped … After that, even though I did do a big deal with Virgin and Purple Ribbon with Big Boi, there was still a couple of years – two-and-a-half years – where I wasn’t really able to really get any show money. I did get some show money from Deliverance, but it was more colleges and the ticket was just lower.”

In another part of the interview, Bubba Sparxxx discussed failing to live up to the expectations of Interscope Records executives, who thought the Georgia rapper was going to be the next Eminem.