Bobby Shmurda is having second thoughts about being a rapper after everything that’s been happening to his peers.

Over the weekend, the Brooklyn native hopped on his Instagram Live to chat with fans about being a rapper in this day and age. According to Bobby, the way these labels work is “nasty.”

“I don’t want to be named as a rapper no more, bro,” Bobby said. “It’s like when you do that rapper shit, n-ggas like try to come for that light. It’s just nasty like these labels is nasty. Look at what they just did to Tory. That shit is nasty, my n-gga.

“Then the whole rap community that’s fucking supporting these n-ggas, y’all n-ggas is disgusting my n-gga, cause these the same people that come from saying that they live our lifestyle, they came from our lifestyle. These muthafuckers is out here playing dress up right now.”

The “Shmoney” rapper then mentioned Young Thug and Casanova, saying the government is trying to lock up every single rapper. He then called out rappers who try to play the artist card when they’re in a sticky situation.

“These people are good kids, bro, these muthafuckers is good kids. I don’t wanna hear about no rapper first of all talking no crazy shit bout no savage lifestyle, hot girl, hot boy, y’all n-ggas is not no nothing. Y’all n-ggas is rats y’all n-ggas is informants. Muthafuckers is informants n-gga y’all make informant music.”

Elsewhere in the clip, Bobby called mainstream artists who are signed to labels “a whole ho” and he knows because he used to be signed to a label but left because he is “too gangsta.” He also began dragging labels for hiring hackers to boost the sales of their artists.

“You got n-ggas like the whole fucking labels like muthafucking Roc Nation and all these muthafuckers, these n-ggas hiring all the hackers,” he said. “These n-ggas hiring all the fucking hackers. They got all this shit hacked. This the new generation.”

Bobby Shmurda Explains Pros & Cons Of Celibacy Journey With R. Kelly's Help

Bobby Shmurda Explains Pros & Cons Of Celibacy Journey With R. Kelly's Help

He added: “This is the generation of the nerds. They making whoever they want lit, lying this and that I don’t want to be a rapper. I’m not labeled as a rapper if that’s what they call a rapper. I do not want to be a rapper, bro. No, I’m just a lit ass n-gga that get money running around fuck bitches. I’m just that n-gga that’s it.”

Bobby’s comments come after Gunna and five other defendants took plea deals in the ongoing YSL RICO case recently. The plea deals caused a social media storm with people accusing Gunna, Lil Duke, Slimelife Shawty and more of snitching.