Bobby Shmurda has shed light on how his celibacy journey is progressing with some help from none other than R. Kelly.

The “Shmoney” rapper posted a video on Instagram on Sunday (December 11) explaining the pros and cons to staying celibate. As the 28-year-old explained, refraining from sex frees up more time and energy to make money, but that never-ending grind can sometimes get lonely.

“So, the pros and cons of celibacy: you get more money, you stack way more money but, you know, it’s lonely at night,” Bobby said. “It’s hard, it’s very hard what I’m doing right now. I’m going through this celibacy, but you know sometimes — what’s that?”

R. Kelly’s “Bump n’ Grind” then began playing through the car speakers in the background, prompting Shmurda to enthusiastically sing along to the sultry song while gyrating his hips.

In his caption, Bobby revealed he’s just a week into his vow of celibacy — and has a long journey ahead of him. “Hey, seven days of celibacy 83 days left,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first time Bobby Shmurda has hinted at refraining from sexual intercourse. In November 2021, the rapper admitted the amount of sex he was having had become an issue and he needed therapy.

“I need sexx therapy #Baddd,” he wrote on Twitter. “I need to be stopped lol frfr tho on the set.”

Then, in April, Bobby revealed he was taking a six-month break from sex after implying a girl’s tongue piercing had caused an injury to his penis.

“Had the worst day ever,” he tweeted at the time. “not having sex for 6 months. New rule I am no longer talking to girls with [tongue] [rings].”

While R. Kelly’s music makes Bobby Shmurda’s celibacy journey more challenging, the disgraced singer appeared to add to his catalog last week with the release of a surprise new album from behind bars.

A project titled I Admit It appeared on streaming services on December 9, despite the fact that R. Kelly remains in prison under several federal indictments. The 13-track album was removed from platforms hours later, with Kelly’s label, Sony Music, saying it was not an authorized release.

R. Kelly himself later issued a statement on the mysterious album, denying any involvement in its release and claiming the voice on the tracks wasn’t his.

“Apparently somebody done faked an album called I Admit It, and put it out there as if it was me putting it out,” he said in a prison recording. “And I’m not putting out any albums, I haven’t put out any albums, I’m not even interested in putting out any albums, ’cause my only focus is the appeal and everything else.

Bobby Shmurda Gives Sex Tips To His Guy Followers On Instagram: 'You Gotta Hit All Angles'

Bobby Shmurda Gives Sex Tips To His Guy Followers On Instagram: 'You Gotta Hit All Angles'

“But it seems like somebody want this album out to mess with the appeal because why would I put an album out called I Admit It? Okay, so that right there make no damn sense.”

He added: “I wish they’d find out who did this and who’s putting it out there, ’cause they also, on top of that, they’re probably making money off of it. And it’s just messed up that it happens to come at the time when I’m working on my appeal that an album comes out that’s supposed to be from me called I Admit It. It’s just really just fucked up.”

The Federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed that R. Kelly did not have access to any equipment that would have allowed him to record an album while in custody.