Blueface has revealed he’s not here for those young things in a catchy new track amid his tumultuous relationship with Chrisean Rock.

Earlier this week, the controversial rapper dropped his latest offbeat flow titled “Hello,” in which he emphasized his preferred age limit when dating.



“If you was born in ’02, I’m too old for you,” the Los Angeles native, 26, rhymed over the beat. “Hello, good morning, bitch, how you doin’ today? (Hello) / Woke up this morning thinking ’bout what I’m going to drive today / GT or G 63, I might just cop the Wraith (Hm) / Told the bitch I’m on my way, not even on my way,” the song continues.

Check out the full video below.

Keeping in mind his age declaration, Blueface (real name Johnathan Jamall Porter) is expecting a child with his on-and-off again partner-in-crime, Chrisean, 23, later this year.

However, according to the “Thotiana” rapper it was anything but love at first sight. “To be very honest with you, at very first, I hated her,” he told RapTV for an interview published on Wednesday (April 19). “Not hated her, but I thought she was too raunchy, too weird. And then the raunchy weird stuff started being good for the camera I guess so it started to stick. And she had a great impact on The Blue Girls Club.”

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“What it really was, she had lost her tooth on the show and I just felt like super guilty about it. I’m like, ‘Damn, I gotta change her life now because I felt like it was my fault.’ Ya know? I felt guilty. Before then, I had no intentions of managing anybody or signing any artists.”

While the duo have certainly braved their fair share of storms, they appear to currently be on the up-and-up with Chrisean recently penning a heartfelt message to the father of her unborn baby.



“Hey sweet angel I can’t wait till u get here,” Rock wrote. “You gon help me be the best me. I’m looking forward to you bud [pregnant emoji] … the fact it’s precious to know you right here with me is beautiful.”

As for Baby names, Chrisean plans on naming the child after Blueface if it’s indeed a boy with options on the table such as Blue Royal or Royal Blue.