Blueface has made it clear he’s not interested in receiving explicit photos from his male fans, and is pleading with them to stop flooding his messages.

On Monday (March 20), the Los Angeles rap star took to Twitter to express his frustration at receiving some inappropriate messages from male fans. Despite tweeting last week that “his hands were bisexual,” Blueface stated that the message had since been misinterpreted.

“Ever since i tweeted my hands bisexual its been a lot of LGBTQ shit going on in my DM that’s not what I meant cuz,” he wrote.

“Please stop sending me gay shit,” he continued. “I respect the LGBTQ community y’all went from a minority to majority thats a hell of a accomplishment you welcome to love who ever you want but don’t bring dat over here please respectfully.”

He added: “I go to click on a picture in my dm an you know how on Twitter it don’t show you the picture till you click on it. It’s a whole n—a on there spreading his ass open cuz like wtf is this that’s sexual harassment I ain’t sign up for this you can’t even dm me on here no more.”

The 26-year-old rapper has been in the news quite a bit regarding his on-again-off-again relationship with Chrisean Rock. Most recently, after some protest, he admitted Chrisean’s baby is most likely his — however, he doesn’t seem all that excited about it.

The “Thotiana” rapper once again aired his grievances with his pregnant ex-girlfriend via Instagram Live. Blueface referred to Rock’s unborn child as a “doo-doo baby,” before acknowledging that there’s a pretty high chance that he is indeed the father.

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“That baby diaper finna be shitty as hell, I can see it now,” he said. “We finna have a doo-doo baby, on God. I done already chalked it up. There’s an eight out of 10 chance it’s mine, I ain’t gonna lie. Them odds is pretty high.

He continued: “So people on here that’s like, ‘I thought you said it wasn’t your baby.’ Bitch, I ain’t stupid. I been fucking a bitch. There’s a 20 percent chance it’s not my baby, but there’s an 80 percent chance it is, on God. You hear me? Y’all be more realistic on this muthafucka.”

Blueface has also expressed doubt about Rock’s parenting abilities, claiming she was “mentally unfit.”

Last week, after the rapper revealed that he was calling quits with Rock via Twitter, in a separate Instagram post he expressed major doubts regarding the idea of his ex entering motherhood — at one point he even suggested that she get an abortion.