A vocal coach from Diddy‘s Making the Band has passed away, his family announced on Instagram.

AnkhRa Amenhotep, who worked on the fourth season of the hit MTV show and worked closely with Day26 and Donnie Klang, died on Thursday (July 6) at his home in Queens, NY. No cause of death has been revealed.



“This message is being shared by AnkhRa’s family to inform YOU that he has peacefully transitioned from this realm as of July 6,2023,” the family wrote on his Instagram page. “Funeral arrangements will be shared here in the coming days.”

In addition to his vocal coaching on Making the Band, AnkhRa worked with Cassie, Kerry Washington, Jaheim, and Danity Kane, according to a press release about his work.



He is survived by his wife, Dr. Nzinga Foluke-Henderson, by his two children Ayanna and Amseshem Foluke-Henderson, and by his grandchildren.

As of this writing, Diddy has not commented about AnkhRa’s passing.

While fans have been sharing loving messages and memories about AnkhRa, the coach’s former boss isn’t remembered as fondly by former Making the Band contestants and fans.

Back in February, two clips from episodes on Making The Band 2 and 4 circulated online and fans couldn’t believe how wild the shows were, especially how Diddy ordered the show’s participants around. The first clip came from MTB 4, where Diddy had everyone line up on opposite sides and compete in a singing battle to see who wanted the opportunity more.

Diddy & MTV Are Officially Bringing Back
Diddy & MTV Are Officially Bringing Back "Making The Band"

What made the clip so memorable was the fact all the men were dressed in leisurewear and singing to each other with conviction while Diddy’s cold gaze looked upon them. People on social media were quick to say Sean Combs was doing too much with the battle.

“Diddy was really running musical prison camps on Making the Band,” one fan wrote while another said, “It’s the fact that diddy made them line up and sing aggressively at each other that takes me out every time.”



The second video was from MTB 2, where Diddy asked members of his Hip Hop group Da Band to walk to Brooklyn from Midtown Manhattan to get him some cheesecake from the famous Junior’s Cheesecake restaurant. The moment went down in TV history as the group actually went and got the task done.

“If Diddy wasn’t shutting the studio down, he was making them walk all the way to Brooklyn to get him a slice of cheesecake. Making the Band 2 was MTV’s Squid Game,” someone wrote while another said, “Let’s talk about how Diddy invented DoorDash.”

HipHopDX extends its deepest condolences to the family of AnkhRa Amonhotep.