Angie Stone has dropped a major revelation about her former group, The Sequence, which she’s claimed were behind some of Sugar Hill Gang’s biggest hits.

During an interview with VLAD TV, the R&B singer unveiled some new information about her former Hip Hop group. The trio — comprised of Stone, Cheryl Cook and Gwendolyn Chisolm — were the first all-female group signed to Sugar Hill Records in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The revelation came while the singer discussed her group needing to be credited for their contributions to Hip Hop music. Angie Stone said that The Sequence helped their labelmates, the Sugar Hill Gang, create two of their biggest records, “Apache (Jump On It) and “8th Wonder.”

“We wrote those songs,” she revealed. Stone also shared that her former group helped with background vocals until they were later replaced.

“There was a lot of sweeping it under the rug,” Stone said. “They can’t tell me that Hip Hop isn’t in our fabric because we wrote those songs for the Sugar Hill Gang and [we] were the little country bumpkins they didn’t want to talk about.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Angie Stone claimed that her ex-boyfriend D’Angelo doesn’t want to work with her because his pride as a man has gotten in the way of his artistic aspirations.

The pair were a couple in the ’90s who share a son, Michael D’Angelo Archer II. Angie inspired D’Angelo’s debut album, Brown Sugar, and he helped produce her debut, Black Diamond.

“Let me tell you something, and I’m being 100, he would be a lot further here today, and I’m not discrediting him,” Stone said. “Don’t misunderstand me, but because of the powers that be, everybody and they momma wish Angie Stone and D’Angelo would get back together and work again. I’ve heard it a million times.”

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She added: “His pride as a man would not allow of him to do that because he doesn’t want to share the credit. He doesn’t want it to look like, ‘What if I get with her and we win? Then it’s going to look like she did it.’ I mean the writings on the wall, but if you want to roll like that, I’m not mad at you, but that’s not my spirit.

Despite not being together, Stone still has love for her ex. During a talk with Fox Soul in 2021, the 61-year-old admitted D’Angelo was her greatest love.

“When you’ve experienced true love, real love, it never dies,” she said. “Even though you go your separate ways and life goes on for everyone and you take different paths, you never ever forget the purest of love. That was a genuine love that no one has ever been able to compete with.”

The pair’s son, who’s also an artist, recently recreated one of his dad’s songs. Swayvo Twain, Archer’s rap name, posted a video on Instagram last month showcasing his remix of his father’s song “Shit, Damn, Motherfucker,” from Brown Sugar.