50 Cent isn’t one to hold his tongue and he piled on the commentary by trolling Druski following his ankle-rolling stage dive.

The comedian hit the stage during the Austin stop of his Coulda Woulda Shoulda Tour over the weekend and took a tumble while “chasing some white chocolate,” which gave 50 Cent a good laugh as he joked that Druski passed away from the fall.



“Nobody told me Druski died, i send my condolences to his family and loved ones. boy WTF happens here? who put that last step there like that? LOL somebody gotta die,” 50 wrote on Twitter.

Check out his post below:

Druski slipped and fell down the stairs in a white suit jacket and shorts while making his way onto the stage, and the hilarious clip quickly went viral on social media. Being the comic he is, Druski had no issue making light of his mishap as he became the subject of several funny memes.

“That pussy almost me,” he joked after falling while Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up” instrumental began playing. “White bitches ain’t shit… Bitch, I almost twisted my ankle… You see what I do for that white pussy? I just twisted my shit. If it ain’t snowing, I ain’t going.”

Druski then turned his attention to the venue’s security: “Bitch, what the fuck you doing? You ain’t catch me, n-gga! N-gga talking about, ‘Oh shit, what the fuck?!’ N-gga, I ain’t paying you $2 an hour for nothing!”

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Plenty of Druski’s followers shared a laugh as many more of his celebrity friends chimed in on his stage fall in his comments section.

“Oooommmmmgggggg…..yo life flashed before yo eyes man,” Kevin Hart wrote, while NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. added: “Bruhhhh reallly almost fkeddd his shxt uppppp!”



The grind didn’t stop as Druski continued his tour in Dallas after a visit to the doctor as he strolled around in a boot and wheelchair. He’ll enjoy a few days of rest off his feet before the trek continues later this week with stops in Memphis, Birmingham and New Orleans.