22Gz has shocked fans by allegedly getting his eyeballs tattooed black.

The Brooklyn drill rapper unveiled his blacked-out peepers on Instagram Live over the weekend, claiming he wasn’t wearing contact lenses and his eyes were permanently inked to be that dark.

“Nah, these ain’t no contacts, boy,” he said. “These is tats.” 22 then posted another clip of him showing off his demonic look from behind a ski mask.

However, fans were quick to warn the 25-year-old rapper about the potential dangers of tattooing one’s eyeballs, including the risk of going blind.

“Incoming blindness in 2-3 business weeks,” one person wrote in No Jumper‘s Instagram comments, while another added: “Bruh Gon have to pay at least 22gz to get his eyes fixed when he start going blind.”

Check out the posts below:

It remains to be seen whether 22Gz was trolling fans by merely wearing blacked-out contacts or if he actually went through with tattooing his eyeballs.

Meanwhile, 22 returned to the music scene last month when he unloaded the Valentine’s Day-themed Love, 22 EP, which featured four new songs.

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Around that time, he also called out the alleged gang ties of his fellow Brooklyn drill rappers as he believes a lot of them aren’t living out their rhymes.

“Drill music in NYC is over they signing anybody who GDK and they all all trolling dropping rakes like we met before or got sum type of [smoke],” he wrote on Instagram. “Some of these kids is enrolled in college and all I ain’t never see none of these kids ya making me hot with the trolling we don’t know yall especially The BX it’s no GDs there how yall so GDK? Stop.”

He continued: “I never seen Fivio Pop SmokeSleepy Hollow Sha EK Blove TG Crippy Nas EBK Dougie B none of dem how y’all so GDK stop trolling and say yall fans.”