Max B & Big Mike – Intro (Return Of The Wave), American Slore f. Al Pac, Get Outta Jail f. Al Pac, Actin Up f. Mall G, Feel The Wave, Wave Season Interlude, World Is Filled, Oh Oh Oh, Nike Boots (New Verses), I Try f. Al Pac, Won’t Go, Stay Off The Surfboards Interlude, Shit On Me, I Don’t Wanna, Shut Up Bitch Swallow f. Al Pac & Mack Mustard, Gotta Have It, West Coast Wave, Boss Don Shit, PD 3 Wave Comin Soon Interlude, Niggaz Done Started Somethin f. Gain Green, Put You To Sleep, Always Be My Bitch f. Al Pac & Mack Mustard, Takin Pictures, Niggaz Aint Fuck Wit Us f. Mitchy Slick, Million Dolla Baby (rmx) f. Nicki Minaj, I Just Wanna, Max Shoutouts