Amber Ice [Prod. By I.D. Labs Productions],
California [Prod. By Cardo],
Mia Wallace [Prod. By Dumont],
Guilty Conscience [Prod. By Sparky Banks],
Mary 3x [Prod. By Cardo],
O.N.I.F.C. [Prod. By Cardo & Sledgren],
Nameless (Feat. Chevy Woods) [Prod. By Dope Couture],
Never Been Part II (Feat. Amber Rose & Rick Ross) [Prod. By Sledgren],
The Cruise [Prod. By Big Jerm],
Rowland (Feat. Smoke DZA) [Prod. By Big Jerm],
My Favorite Song (Feat. Juicy J) [Prod. By Rob Holladay],
T.A.P. (Feat. Juicy J) [Prod. By Spaceghostpurp],
The Code (Feat. Juicy J & Lola Monroe & Chevy Woods) [Prod. By Lex Luger],
The Grinder [Prod. By Jake One],
Brainstorm [Prod. By Cardo],
Number 16 [Prod. By Dumont],
Blindfolds (Feat. Juicy J) [Prod. By Harry Fraud]