Man or the Myth (Intro), Workin Day & Night (Demo), Workin Day & Night, P.Y.T. (Re-Edit), Wanna Be Starting Somethin, I Put My Heart In It (Interlude), Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Demo), Let’s Dance (Shake Your Body Down), Dancing Machine, Physical Embodiment of the Music (Interlude), Billy Jean (Demo), Can You Feel It, Off the Wall, Rock With You (J.Period Remix), Say Say Say f. Paul McCartney, Celebrate His Music (Interlude), Smooth Criminal, In the Closet, Remember the Time, Wanna Be Where You Are, I Can’t Take Credit (Interlude), It’s Great To Be Here (Remix), Can’t Help It, MJ Changed My Life (Interlude), Heartbreak Hotel, I’ll Be There, Right Here (Interlude), Human Nature, It’s Your Thing, Rockin Robin, Unearthly (Interlude), I Want You Back, ABC, Man in the Mirror, Music Breaks All Barriers (Interlude), Stranger in Moscow, Triumph & Tragedy (Interlude), Lady in My Life, Epilogue: Life & Legacy (f. Spike Lee), Bonus Track: Ain’t No Sunshine, I Never Stop (Outtro), Love vs. Hate (Outtake)