Spider Loc is a no-nonsense type of rapper and type of man. He’s broken bread with Suge Knight at Death Row Records and broken plenty more with 50 Cent at G-Unit. The longtime Crip-member gets beyond discussing his beefs with the man some say he replaced at the label, and moves ahead to talk about his molding and his upward momentum.

The Los Angeles rap star tells HipHopDX about his acting, admitting that an Oscar Award belongs on his shelves the same way he’s filled his g-file with hood credentials. But with the independently released West Kept Secret in stores now, how much longer will Spider play a supporting role at G-Unit before 50 puts this inked up gangster in the spotlight? Until then, the industry just might have arachnophobia.

HipHopDX: Spider Loc, how is life out on the west coast right now, what