Diamond Supply Co. architect Nicky Diamonds recently had a ComplexCon for the ages (evidenced by riots breaking out over his Canary Diamond Nike SB capsule).

For one of his more seamless appearances during the frantic Long Beach weekend, ComplexCon inhabitants didn’t have to look any further than 1800 Tequila’s activation, where Diamonds and infamous street artist Adam Lucas teamed up to create 100 custom limited edition jackets and spoke to HipHopDX about the collaboration.

“I’ve always enjoyed tequila and 1800 is very delicious,” Diamonds quipped with a grin. “They got us all these jackets; I believe Sean Wotherspoon went out and picked them all up for us. And they just wanted me to customize what I wanted so I embroidered and chain stitched on the back, ‘Tequila Over Tears’ because when you drink tequila, it makes you happy. At least, it does for me!”

Naturally, the natural look of the gear was intentional.

“We enzyme washed the jackets so that the actual thread would look vintage, added some labeling and then Adam Lucas designed all these different cool patches,” Diamonds continued. “He’s an amazing artist and now people at ComplexCon get the customization in full.”

Lucas, the artist formerly known as Hanksy who is renown for his ability to embolden his lively colors, also spoke on the collaboration.

“For a lot of the patches, I did a quick Google image search and saw a bunch of vintage shit and based them off that,” he admitted. “I grew up around that flea market, vintage jean culture with my uncles and all that so I just took all that and brought it up to date.”

The event also went the distance in bridging more of Hip Hop’s communal power. DJ Mike, DJ Rick Trainor and Real 92.3’s very own DJ Hed all spun records as ComplexCon-goers filtered through 1800’s booth inside the ArtZone.

For more information on the company’s upcoming refined installations, follow them on Instagram @1800tequila.