The prison community and Hip Hop seem to be two industry that would have a natural connection. Most people involved with it artists and all have some type of relation with it. Be it a family member, friend or maybe the artist spent time there, it’s a unfortunate truth. It would seem that a lot of artists would try to reach out to that market or speak on it more. The Jacka is an artist who took the time out to actually make his music not just for the freed fan, but the one’s in jail as well. With a pretty strong buzz on the west coast particularly in his home are the Bay, he’s managed to release albums off his independent label with Tear Gas being his most recent and most acclaimed.

With prevlient talent such as Andre Nickatina, Too Short and E-40 creating a name and representation for the Bay area not to mention the Hyphy movement and slap music that show the innovative and energetic side for the Bay. The Jacka is another Bay artist on the come up who is creating a buzz on the underground. Although The Jacka‘s widely noticed in the Bay he has collaborations with people such as Freeway and Cormega. This could possibly grab some fans on the east as well. At the end of the day it’s all about the music for him.

HipHopDX: What does The Jacka represent?

The Jacka: I represent Hip Hop. I represent Islam. That’s basically my main thing; everything else just comes with the territory.