At HipHopDX,
we are some certified, dust-under-the-fingernails diggers. While
there’s a lot of folks talking about samples and breaks, and plenty of
deejays focusing on exclusives and lost verses, we wanted to profile
some of the releases that aren’t ever discussed, videos played or songs
aired. These are the discs and albums that you’ll often see at swap
meets, pawn shops and in lots on eBay.

We’re simply here to reminisce, revisit and remind those of you who may care – that these are actually…pretty damn good. Bargain Bin Classics live on!

Black Trash: The Autobiography Of Kirk Jones by Sticky Fingaz (2001, Universal)

Currently on Amazon for $4.00

As a member of Onyx, Sticky Fingaz had always stood out from the rest of the screw-faced baldhead crew for his borderline genocidal rhymes, energetic mic presence and voracious screen time. So when his long awaited solo debut, Black Trash: The Autobiography Of Kirk Jones, was released, fans expected more of that same high energy and volatile lyrics which peppered Onyx