When DJ Premier speaks, people have a tendency to listen. So when he hailed Atlanta-based production giant [giant being used both figuratively and literally] Don Cannon as one of the hottest out right now, this Aphilliate is obviously doing something right.

The track that catapulted him to hot producer status was “Go Crazy” by the hometown trapster Young Jeezy. Yet there is a lot more to come from this progressive forward thinker who cites music as his reason for existence. OutKast‘s “Da Art of Storytellin’ Part 4” and Freeway‘s “Walk Witt Me” have come more recently, only reminding us of the greatness that the Philadelphia-born deejay/producer is capable of.

Shining a light on the holes rappers dig, the importance of backing up and great expectations this nouveau production mastermind gets into it with HipHopDX.

HipHopDX: How did you get into what you were doing?

Don Cannon: I think it just came to me naturally. I never just started doing it; I was doing this from when I was five years old, so it is just kind of in you.

DX: What exactly were you doing from five years old?

DC: Well I was deejaying, and I have played with instruments all my life. Playing keyboards, drums and rapping even since I was real young.

DX: Do you think it