Yung Hugo’s Make Karen Great Again is finally arriving. The Myanmar-based Karen rapper took to Facebook yesterday (January 8) to share the tracklist to his highly anticipated sophomore album and follow-up to 2020’s Blessed.

The album was originally slated to be released in July last year, according to an exclusive HipHopDX Asia interview. He said then of the album, “Mainly, I want the Karen language to be popular. And the Karen youth nowadays need to value their language.”

He went on, “We, the Karen people, have our own history, traditions, arts, and languages. Who will value them if we, Karen youth, don’t? We have to take our part in conserving what our ancestors worked hard to develop. For now, it’s ‘Let’s Make Karen Great Again.’”

Yung Hugo On Popularizing His Heritage In Myanmar And Beyond; Talks New Album, 'Make Karen Great Again'

The 8-track album includes features from Kaung Kaung, Tae Tae, and Hashi and will be released under the BG18 label.

In a short clip released on his label’s YouTube channel last month, Yung Hugo talked a bit about Make Karen Great Again including songs about culture. Since his announcement, he has released two visuals on December 22 and 28, respectively: “Waytaku Bwar Kanyaw”—which means “Yangon Karen”—and “Sunflower.”

Although Yung Hugo mentioned the album will be released in the New Year, it’s not yet available on streaming platforms as of publication.

Listen to “Waytaku Bwar Kanyaw” and “Sunflower” below: