It’s the 32nd Southeast Asian (SEA) Games!

Artists from Phnom Penh-based music label Baramey Production are marking the occasion with a bespoke single, “ចងចាំសាវតារ” (Legacy), which they “dedicate to all of the athletes” at this year’s games. Cambodia is the host country of the multi-sport event, which takes place every two years.

The single arrives just in time before the SEA Games opening ceremony on May 5 and features the label’s powerhouse roster, including VannDa, Sophia Kao, Vanthan, Laura Mam, and Polarix.

The Baramey crew encouraged fans and listeners to participate in making the highly requested music video for “ចងចាំសាវតារ” by recording a video of them singing along to the track. In the same announcement, they also shared that their scheduled performances at Hanuman Nights Concert are postponed until May 27 to give way to the SEA Games festivities.