One of RAMENGVRL’s clear goals is to be at the forefront of the flourishing Asian hip hop scene. “I always say that Asian hip hop is rising big time—pretty obvious—and I want to be at the forefront of that, and I believe this project is it. It’s heavily inspired by my recent Asia tour late last year where I got the chance to meet all these amazing talents in the region,” she tells us in our exclusive interview,

For HipHopDX Asia’s Artist of the Month for June, diversity is a strength—with music as a common denominator. “I can clearly see that despite our different cultures and languages, we still understand each other through music. Despite our differences, we all have the same vision, same destination, and it’s up.”

In the last few years, RAMENGVRL has been actively working with her contemporaries, from Korean-American rapper pH-1 in “Ain’t No MF” to Thai artist Pyra and Japanese rapper Yayoi Daimon in “Yellow Fever” and Singaporean rapper Yung Raja in “Ming Ling.”

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In her exclusive playlist for HipHopDX Asia, RAMENGVRL picked 23 all-Asian tracks, some from her past collaborators, with majority from many of Southeast Asia’s most exciting hip hop artists, including two tracks from past Artist of the Month, F.HERO.

Check out RAMENGVRL’s playlist below: