Morobeats show no sign of stopping.

The Filipino independent hip hop label closes the first month of 2023 with a packed series of new DJ Medmessiah-produced music—the latest two released just a day apart.

Twin duo Kambal ng Morobeats went first with their searing new single, “SABIK SA TRONO” (Eager for the Throne), as they strongly question deceitful practices, as well as those who cling to power and enable corruption and disinformation, betraying the trust of the people.

Kambal ng Morobeats also called out the lack of substance when it comes to important discourses, especially in rap, and the way some are using their platforms and which interests are being served. Ultimately, they unequivocally emphasize the value of individual expression and the responsibilities that come with it. Waxing poetic, they rapped, “Sandata ko ay nasa papel” (My weapon is on paper).

In a Facebook post shared today (January 31), Morobeats wrote in Tagalog that they shot the video along a busy thoroughfare in Cavite to pay homage to the poets in the province, which they recognize as the rap capital in Luzon.

Whereas “SABIK SA TRONO” professes an incendiary message on an old-school beat, Bulabog ng Morobeats get around a cemetery in their brooding single, “PAANO” (How), exploring mortality and how we only have one shot in life.

JMara And Morobeats Are Making Music For The Filipino Voters—Editor’s Note

This is the sixth track by Morobeats this month, following Miss A’s “Wit Tha Funk” featuring Fateeha, H20 Klann’s “Bilog,” and Mista’s double single drop, “Obligado” and “Pamana,” both featuring JMara.