Filipino rap duo Tu$ Brother$ and rapper Gat Putch join forces in “Sativa,” a type of cannabis. The music video, which is directed by JRAM and Miggy Ramirez, features the trio in close quarters with drinking and smoking up.

Drug use in the Philippines is both illegal and a highly controversial topic, with the previous administration still under fire for its deadly war on drugs. This is briefly referenced in a bar, where Tu$ Brother$ rap: “Hindi niyo ba ma-realize / Kahit ‘di yan pwede sa’min / Legalize.” (Don’t you realize / Even if it’s not allowed here / Legalize.)

The song has been a hit with fans of underground hip hop, with fans going so far to choreograph dance moves to the track.

Watch the music video for “Sativa” here:

Header image: Artist images courtesy Gat Putch and TU$ Brother$ via Facebook.