VannDa Depicts Realities Of Mental Health In ‘Mental Health University’ Short Film

VannDa Depicts Realities Of Mental Health In ‘Mental Health University’ Short Film

VannDa shared an original short film entitled “សាកលវិទ្យាល័យផ្លូវចិត្” (Mental Health University) last July 2. 

Directed by frequent collaborator Jeremiah Overman and featuring a newly written verse from the Cambodian artist, VannDa depicts the realities of mental health issues. The black-and-white short film features VannDa, first in a dilapidated building singing in front of a broken mirror and then next, rapping the poignant verse sitting next to a piano knee-deep in water: “យើងជាទាសករ បានត្រឹមតែឆ្លើយ Okay / ពេលដែលហ៊ានប្រកែក He gon’ waste your day / ខ្លាំងជាងបិសាច ខ្លាំងជាងអសុរកាយ / យើងជាអ្នកបម្រើ ខួរក្បាលវិញជាចៅហ្វាយ”  (We slaves can only answer ‘okay’ / When you dare to argue he gon’ ‘waste your day / Stronger than a monster, stronger than a monster / We are brain masters, masters). 

The timely project aligns the country’s urgent need of mental health care, with approximately 40% of Cambodians requiring psychological support according to the Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO) Cambodia

The two-minute short film follows the release of the Cambodian artist’ sophomore album SKULL 2 (Season 1), which premiered on July 1. Prior to the highly anticipated record’s release, VannDa has shared “Bok Kalo,”How’s It Taste,” “Parenthesis,” “Life Is A Game,” and the smash cross-country collaboration, “Run The Town” alongside Thailand’s F.HERO, featuring 1MILL and Sprite. 

Watch the short film below:

Behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Turren via Facebook


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