Joe Flizzow unveils the visual for his new introspective track, “Satu Malam Di Temasek” (One Night in Singapore), featuring longtime collaborator, SonaOne.

Written, composed, and produced by Joe Flizzow along with fellow multihyphenate SonaOne, the track was released last month. According to Flizzow, “Satu Malam Di Temasek” is a song about himself, “foretelling my days from being that naughty kid who has now reached the phase of marriage while also talking about today’s situation.” He went on, “It is also some form of advice from me for my good self. Although the core of the track is a message of advice and a celebration of life.”

He also reflected, “The Malay proverb ‘hutang emas boleh dibayar, hutang budi dibawa mati’ summarizes this piece quite well. As the Malay saying loosely translates to ‘physical debt can be paid, but a debt of deeds is eternal’. Everything we aspire to achieve in this world is merely material and not eternal. ‘Satu Malam Di Temasek’ reminds us that the world is only temporary.”

Affectionately known and revered as Malaysia’s hip hop President, Joe Flizzow celebrated the track release with a ‘SATU MALAM DI TEMASEK’ showcase at The Bee, Publika in Malaysia, sharing the spotlight with Yonnyboii, Gard, Pele L, Fuego, and ALYPH. He mentioned that bringing the track to life in a smaller venue reminded him of his early days as a rapper. “I just love remembering my humble beginnings.”

Watch the music video below: