Morobeats just keeps on delivering.

Today (June 13), the Filipino independent hip hop label released the music video for Kambal ng Morobeats’ “Reyalidad” (Reality), featuring JMara.

The DJ Medmessiah-produced drill track from the twin MCs addresses the importance of facing—and fighting—for the truth, arguing that it’s easier to accommodate a sanitized version of reality but ultimately, it does not serve anyone and will catch up to us.

The audio version of “Reyalidad” was previously released last month, the follow-up to “Katawang Lupa” (Mortal Body) from February.

Back in May, Morobeats artists, most prominently JMara, have released back-to-back tracks, including “Hunghang” and “Mahal Kong Pilipinas,” which both went on to rack up millions of views. Both songs raise social issues, especially in light of the country’s national and local elections.