Malaysian rap group FORCEPARKBOIS are back!

The 11-member group return with the trap-infused latest single, “TOPBOI.” Channeling a Fast and Furious vibe with a grand display of high-end cars, members Chik, Nakalness, Noel, Blxckid,, Han Panas, Pab, Laws, Aali.3gp, N$Hand, and Fuegone shared in a statement that they got the inspiration for the Felrfrank-directed video when they were hanging out at a car workshop.

“We never thought the achievements that we’ve received today were the result of ‘just for fun’, it all happened through an accidental recording session in the back of a car, and ‘the car’ for us, has a huge significance and will leave a lasting memory for all of us,” Chik reflected on the group’s early days.

True to this inspiration, the visual follows the members as they perform the single in a car repair shop. “The song tells about the achievements we have today, and cars are best to metaphorically describe our humble beginnings. Besides, cars also act as a symbol of how fast it is for us to get to this point, just like the engine of a car that should be solid, just like our previous tracks,” added fellow member Nakalness.

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“TOPBOI” will be part of the Johor Bahru-based group’s debut album, which is currently being finished. The music video is currently trending on YouTube Malaysia.

Member Nakalness also followed up with a solo track and video for “Reality,” three days after the group’s current single.

The group recently performed at Black Hat Cat Records’ live event showcase, Futureland22, last week, along with Chronicalz, Zynakal. Luqman Podolski, and more.

Check out the video for “Topboi” below:

Watch the music video for their track, “PUBLIC ENEMY,” which premiered exclusively on HipHopDX Asia: