VannDa keeps the ball rolling! 

After releasing his first track of the year “Solo Again” last January 1, the Cambodian singer, rapper and producer returns with another single entitled “Khmer Blood.” The track was released on January 22, also marking VannDa’s 25th birthday and preserving the tradition of releasing a single on his birthday every year.

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“Khmer Blood” leans into the artist’s proclivity for trap-based production, while employing his poignant command of lyricism. The track follows his own personal journey, weaving together moving tributes that celebrate the tenacity and resolve of the Khmer people. “The roots of my core are optimism and equity / And I use my strength to pull it in, roll it the right way / Came out the mud now I live in the city,” he performs on the track. With VannDa moving up in Cambodian society from his humble roots in his hometown of Sihanoukville where he sold coconut shavings as a child, he acknowledges firsthand the laborious struggle of working towards success.

“We who have Khmer blood are born to be resilient / If you wish to challenge us / I doubt that you will be able to endure as we have,” he further raps on the track, speaking towards a strength that underscores the Khmer – as if speaking to all generations of Khmer people who have sought to find a place for themselves amidst rebuilding their nation. The single is accompanied by a masterfully executed visual piecing together still lifes of everyday Khmer men, women and children taking on varying roles in everyday society. The video intersperses these tableaus of everyday citizens with picturesque scenery of natural Cambodian scenery, recognizing the industrious spirit coursing through their culture. 

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VannDa first made history with his record-breaking single “Time to Rise” featuring Master Kong Nay in 2020, where he also honored his heritage by merging relics from Cambodia’s past with  the dynamic modernity of hip hop music. In “Khmer Blood,” he captures his country as it is today, breathing new life into contemporary Cambodia and most importantly, his countrymen who have sustained it. 

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