Paul N Ballin returns with a bang with his Pinoy rap remake on Eazy-E’s 1987 single, “Boyz-N-The-Hood.”

Titled “Ballin N Tha Hood,” the Psychedelic Boyz member teams up with producer Mark Beats (and the man behind the group’s label, Rawstarr Records), which retained the original’s song structure.

The lyrical and visual theme of “Ballin N Tha Hood” is also deeply inspired by Eazy-E’s autobiographical narrative, staccato delivery, and ‘90s West Coast look and feel (spot the Raiders cap, among other things). Also faithful to the original, Paul N Ballin brought together his posse together in the Axl Flores-directed music video, which features cameos from his fellow Psychedelic Boyz members, as well as Pricetagg, and more Makati rappers.

Aside from discounting his haters, critics, and gossipmongers, Paul N Ballin also expressed his dream for Psychedelic Boyz to perform at Rolling Loud.

As of writing, the music video has racked up nearly 600,000 views since its premiere on November 25. It’s currently trending at the 7th music spot on YouTube Philippines.

On questions about the sample choice, Mark Beats cleared the air regarding accusations of stealing and explained that sampling and remakes are common in hip hop. He wrote, “Sa mga wala namang alam talaga sa MUSIC PRODUCTION please, wag nalang kayo mag sayang ng enerhiya mga lods. Magkaiba ang ninakaw sa rineference or sinample or remake. Actually, kahit nung era nila Dr. Dre madalas din sila mag-sample or mag-remake ng mga classic tracks mostly sa mga hits nila. Matagal nang style yan sa HIP-HOP, wag masyadong magpahalata kids pero maraming salamats parin sa suporta nyo. One luv y’all! <3”

[Translation: To those who don’t know anything about music production, please, don’t waste your energy, guys. Stealing is different from referencing, sampling, or a remake. Actually, even in Dr. Dre’s era, they also often sample or remake classic tracks in their hits. That’s been a style in hip hop for a long time, don’t reveal yourselves too much, kids. Still, thank you for all your support. One love, y’all!”]

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Eazy-E’s “Boyz-N-The-Hood” became a local hit upon its release in 1987, spurred by N.W.A.’s exploding fame at the time. It was released as part of the group’s self-titled EP and on the unauthorized compilation album N.W.A. and the Posse.

The title was also borrowed by the late filmmaker John Singleton for his 1991 film of the same name, which featured Eazy-E’s fellow N.W.A. member Ice Cube, which went on to bag a nomination for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay at the 64th Academy Awards.

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