Thai record label YUPP! reveals seven new additions to its growing hip hop and R&B roster last night (November 24).

Home to some of the biggest rising stars in Thai hip hop, including MILLI and MAIYARAP, the label held an intensive audition process, with prospective signees selected by YUPP’s key people, Paew Pawee (Artist Development), Mangto (Production Director). Artistryx (Creative Director), Phenomenyx (Art Director), and Lunaticfluker (Manager).

The quintet initially grouped the shortlisted prospects into three groups with five people each and eventually trimmed it down to seven.

FLUKE (ฟลุ๊ค) a.k.a FIZZIE

18-year-old Fizzie is a self-taught rapper hailing from Bangkok. He started making music when he was 13, “learning, experimenting and practicing in every aspect of working in front of and behind the scenes.”

GENIE (จีนี่) a.k.a GeniePak

A self-described “true fighter,” GeniePak boasts singing, dancing, and composing music as her top strengths.

AINN (In a.k.a AINN

Korean rapper AINN describes himself as Thai at heart who “sings and raps with a unique style and accent,” which blends R&B into his music. AINN speaks and writes songs in English, Thai, and Korean, hoping his trilingual ability can expand his fan base.

PANG (Powder) a.k.a GALCHANIE

18-year-old GALCHANIE shared that she felt she grew up “different and overlooked” and hopes to turn these as her inspiration with her music, valuing authenticity and uniqueness. According to her artist bio, she also dreams of “becoming a new icon” in the music industry to help inspire others.

YIM (Gym) a.k.a DEASY

DEASY is a 20-year-old rapper from SWU Prasarnmit who started writing his own music and posting lo-fi and R&B covers on YouTube. He confesses his preference “to live in a private world” but is willing to lead a more public life as a full-time artist.

FAR (Far) a.k.a FLOWER.FAR

Hailing from southern Thailand, 21-year-old Mahidol University’s Faculty of Music student FLOWER.FAR makes R&B and soul music but doesn’t limit herself with soul vocal stylings.

CAPTAIN (Captain) a.k.a JJSON

19-year-old Chiang Mai University student JJSON initially planned to be an English teacher but has always turned to composing music, which he purposely keeps on the “playful” side.

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Watch the selection process below.