Filipino rap trio Owfuck returns with “Nakatingala” (Looking Up), their first standalone single of the year, featuring Colt on the hook.

Diaristic and reflective, “Nakatingala” tells us how the end of innocence feels inevitable but still jarringly abrupt. Paul Cassimir, Astro, and Lexus take turns as capable storytellers who opt for aphorisms to delve into growing pains. Lines like “Huwag piliing mawala / Kung gusto mo lang masagip” (Don’t choose to get lost / If you only want to be saved) carry great weight, not to mention highly relatable.

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Pinoy rap stands on its own due to its great emphasis on and adherence to a traditionalist premium on lyrical mastery (it’s a prime reason why FlipTop remains an innovative force in the local hip hop community). Its culture has deep ties to the streets and their assigned prophets.

Bawal Clan And Owfuck Share Grisly Visuals For ‘LaPain’

Owfuck’s ruminative new single demonstrates how personal and societal struggles within the context of success—a theme that runs deep in hip hop—can just be as powerful.

Watch the Neo Bautista-directed video below: