Leesuho takes a hard turn in latest single, “Echo,” featuring fellow Balming Tiger member Omega Sapien.

The South Korean producer and director explores harsher and serrated sonics in “Echo,” employing more aggressive synthesizers more reminiscent of his 2018 debut Entertain EP, and industrial rap courtesy of Omega Sapien.

The single is also a departure from the balmier “Lights” (featuring Kim Hanjoo of Silica Gel), the first track from his upcoming 10-track Monika album, out on October 12. The album includes features from fellow Korean artists such as Kiha Chang, So!YoON! (SE SO NEON), Lil Cherry, sogumm, and Simo. Leesuho will also be reuniting with Kim Ximya (XXX), whom he worked with in Entertain.

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“Echo” and “Lights” hint at a broader spectrum of sounds and “colors,” according to a previous press statement.

Stream “Echo” below: