Delhi-based rap duo Seedhe Maut shares their latest single, “NATKHAT” (Naughty).

The Anurag Sharma-directed video follows ENCORE ABJ and CALM (the latter also produced the beat) secluded in a house as they prepare to record music and mess around.

Last Thursday (September 9), Seedhe Maut shared their latest mixtape, (No), via Azadi Records. The 10-track tape is their sophomore effort following 2018’s Bayaan. It includes features from long-time collaborator Sez on the Beat (whom they worked with on their first album) and previous singles “NADAAN” and “Nanchaku” ft. MC STΔN.


  1. Namastute
  2. Naamcheen
  3. No Enema ft. Foreign Beggars, Sez On The Beat
  4. Nanchaku ft. MC STΔN
  5. Nafrat
  6. Nazarbhattu Freestyle
  7. Nawazuddin
  8. Na Jaaye
  9. Nadaan
  10. Natkhat

Stream it here.

Watch “Natkhat” below: