Filipino rapper Guddhist Gunatita returns to the beach in his latest solo track, “MANINDIGAN” (Stand Up), featuring rapper Trvmata and singer Lois.

The 1096 Gang member’s solo project sees a distinctly more laidback side of him, with his music embracing R&B- and soul-leaning production and a meditative visual approach. Lyrically, he maintains his glass-half-full take on things, which remains evident in his work with the group.

Guddhist wrote of the sheru-produced track, “MARAMING SALAMAT PALAGI! KAHIT DI MASYADONG MALAYO ANG ABUTIN NG MGA MUSIKANG INILALABAS KO AYOS LANG, MAHALAGA SAKIN AY MAKAPAGPAGAAN NG LOOB SA MGA KAGAYA KONG NAGHAHANAP NG MALALIM NA KASAGUTAN SA BUHAY. ??✊?” (Thank you always! Even if the music I make doesn’t go too far, that’s okay. What’s important for me is to offer relief to those who, like me, are looking for answers in life.)

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Guddhist and Trvmata have previously went on a “glamping” trip with rapper-producer Donyvan in the music video for “Superman.”

Watch the John Selirio-directed video below: