Osaka rapper Jin Dogg drops his latest high-octane track, “22,” featuring South Korean emcees Lil Foggy and foggyatthebottom. The artwork for the track shows a .22-caliber pistol.

According to a press statement, the trap- and drill-heavy “22” was a natural musical progression to Jin Dogg, who grew up in Japan, eventually putting down roots in South Korea and spending time living in other parts of the world, including America and Australia—ultimately wielding an “authentic street energy” that manifests in his music.

Earlier this year, the trilingual rapper released “Machikaze” featuring REAL-T. His 2020 outing, 3rd High “Resuscitation,” also featured a guest appearance from foggyatthebottom on track 7, “Dongmoo.”



Absorbing various cultures and solidifying what he dubs as the “Dirty Kansai” movement (named after his 2019 track from Mad Jake), “22” marches on to the right direction.

Listen to “22” below: