Switchbitch just released a brand-new track “Nightmare,” their first song of the year.

The Filipino rap duo refers to the year-long lockdown in the country—one of the longest in the world—and the human toll compounded by coronavirus-related deaths and reported police-involved violence.

“Sa loob ng tila walang katapusang lockdown, para bang binabangungot tayo nang gising,” (In this seemingly endless lockdown, it’s as if we’re going through a nightmare while we’re awake”) Switchbitch wrote on the liner notes of the track.

Switchbitch also shared a music video by Kuwago Nights Studio, showing black-and-white distorted shots of the duo rapping.

Produced by Manila-based producer AHJU$$I, “Nightmare” is the follow-up to the duo’s 2020 Pasintabi EP, as the country is grappling with the first few months of pandemic restrictions. Meanwhile, AHJU$$I previously worked on various remix projects and dropped his sophomore EP, Truth Has An Expiration Date, also in 2020, under HyperPop Collective.

Alongside the track’s release, Switchbitch also shared that their new EP, Lalamunan, is forthcoming on March 29.

Watch “Nightmare” below: